Evaluate the frequency of occurrence of extreme inferior positioning of the Infraorbital foramen from the infra-orbital rim that can potentially interfere with the placement of Quad or Unilateral Double Zygomatic implants.

Materials and methods:

CBCT scans of 60 patients were read to identify the Infraorbital foramen (IOF)and Infra-orbital rim (IOR). The distances between the two were measured. In cases with increased values, virtual surgical planning was done to evaluate whether two Zygoma implants could be placed in one zygomatic bone.


Two out of the 60 cases showed a more inferior location of the IOF, reducing the amount of bone available , thus rendering quad zygoma or unilateral; double zygomatic implants infeasible.


Measurement of the distance of the IOF from the IOR is an important step worth incorporating in Quad Zygoma or unilateral double zygoma implant surgery planning.

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