Restoring periodontally compromised teeth in aesthetic zones through dental implant rehabilitation poses significant challenges due to the loss of supporting tissues. This case report describes a staged treatment strategy designed for a 48-year-old woman with advanced chronic periodontitis of the aesthetic zone. This approach combined various advanced techniques, including periodontal regeneration, orthodontic implant site development with labial root torque, guided bone regeneration, and soft tissue augmentation. The innovative orthodontic implant site development with labial root torque technique was employed to harness healthy palatal periodontal ligament cells by strategically applying labial root torque in the horizontal labial-palatal direction. This technique uses healthy palatal periodontal ligament cells, which benefits overall periodontal health. The procedure involved gradually shifting hopeless teeth at a rate of 2 mm per month using nickel-titanium wires, thereby maintaining overcorrection for two months before extraction. Following successful orthodontic implant site development with labial root torque, the next phase involved guided bone regeneration using a honeycomb-structured titanium membrane. This set the stage for implant placement six months later, ensuring a stable foundation for subsequent prosthetic intervention. Soft tissue augmentation was then meticulously performed using an artificial collagen dermis infused with fibroblast growth factor-2, contributing to the overall aesthetic outcome. Final prosthesis integration revealed a harmonious blend with the adjacent teeth and gums, underscoring the success of this multidisciplinary approach. This case report provides valuable insights into severe periodontitis in the aesthetic field. Our findings highlight the importance of continuously researching and improving procedures for optimal patient care.

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