This case report aims to present the successful restoration of the atrophic partially edentulous posterior mandible using custom-made subperiosteal implants.

Case Description

The fixed prosthesis restoration was achieved using CAD-CAM technologies and 3D metal printing methods. The partially edentulous 58-year-old patient expressed a preference not to undergo bone augmentation procedures. The patient with teeth in the anterior mandible was treated with two separate custom-made subperiosteal implants. A custom-made prosthesis was fabricated from sintered titanium using machined subperiosteal implants with a universal external connection.

Practical Implications

Subperiosteal implants offer several advantages over conventional bone grafting plus intraosseous implant placement techniques, such as the simple, one-step procedure for atrophic jaws, streamlining the treatment process and reducing the overall time involved. Treatments using subperiosteal implants can be an alternative solution for individuals with severely atrophic jaws. Longer-term studies in a larger sample are warranted to corroborate previous reports.

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