To all of our readers, subscribers, enthusiasts, and critics: this will be my last editorial. I want to thank all of you for your support and criticisms, your comments in response to our many articles, your participation as reviewers in regard to our many, many articles. To those thousands around the world who have joined us in our myriad, disparate activities, as my final editorial, I want to thank Sharon Bennett, our new brilliant and always responsive, Executive Director. The change is refreshing. A new light shineth upon us! Despite the fact that a few short months ago she knew little or nothing about what we do, where we teach, and how we accomplish our ever increasing goals, she is now one more initiate into our ever growing fold.

To John Ley ("Johnny Boy"), to Ethel Bruck (and her husband Shelly), who, despite personal problems, always comes through with promptness and her sensational knowledge of our wonderful specialty, her reliable reviewers, her recommendations for rejections/acceptance.

Therefore, in closing, it has been a wonderful 30+ years. I know my successor very well and his appointment is a perfect one to carry on our increasingly good work and enlarging circulation. Marilyn and I got the chance to see many of you in San Diego and I want to thank all of you for the great honor you have bestowed upon me.

I am sure the great traditions of the JOI will continue to grow and burgeon as we go on to our 60th and even more years!

Dr. A. Norman Cranin began his editorial career as the first editor of Oral Implantology (the precursor to JOI) in the summer of 1970. It was the third publishing endeavor for AAID and, in Dr. Cranin's words, “the most interesting.” For the next 38-½ years, Dr. Cranin would continue the philosophy he spelled out in that edition's first editorial…

“Please use this publication as a forum for your views, a center for announcements of teaching endeavors, book reviews and advancing educational programs. This is your journal. We welcome you as supporters and readers.”

At its recent meeting in San Diego, the AAID Board of Trustees honored Dr. Cranin with a framed copy of that first issue together with a 2008 issue to show just how far he had brought the publication. The inscription that accompanied the framed copies summed up AAID's respect and admiration for Dr. Cranin's contribution to the Academy and implant dentistry. That message stated:

“Since 1970, Dr. A Norman Cranin has been the dedicated caretaker and guiding force of the Journal of Oral Implantology. Its tone and substance have elevated the scientific reputation of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. The AAID expresses its heartfelt thank you to Dr. Cranin for his untiring and outstanding work.”