The clinical and histological results of two cases demonstrating retrieved Sendax mini–dental implants in two different patients is the focus of this report. The mini–dental implants were inserted using the auto-advance technique and loaded immediately. The implants were retrieved at 4 months following insertion and at 5 months following insertion and were prepared and reviewed histologically. Clinically, the implants had no mobility, with no apparent exudate or bleeding upon probing, prior to removal. At the time explant procedures were performed, the mini–dental implants had provided immediate support for prostheses during the integration of traditional root-form endosteal implants. Upon explantation, the mini–dental implants were in a state of health and functioning in their intended purpose. Histologically, the bone appeared to be integrated to the surface of the implant at the light microscope level, and the bone appeared to be relatively mature and healthy in the areas observed, more so than one would expect in this amount of time from insertion of mini–dental implants with immediate loading. A discussion of the purposes and technique used for insertion and removal of these mini–dental implants is discussed. This is the first human histological report on the auto-advance technique with immediate loading of mini–dental implants, demonstrating feasibility in ongoing applications.

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