The current clinical report describes the use of titanium mesh for maxillary alveolar ridge augmentation. Autogenous bone graft was harvested from the iliac crest and was loaded on a titanium mesh that was left in the patient’s maxilla for 7 months before it was removed. Twelve months after the bone grafting procedure the patient received 10 implants on the maxilla, and a biopsy was taken from the augmented ridge. CT scan examination was performed before and after the maxillary ridge augmentation. Clinical evaluation revealed successful integration of the graft. The radiographic analysis demonstrated that a 10-mm vertical ridge augmentation had been achieved. Histologic evaluation revealed remnants of the autogenous bone graft still present, whereas the grafted area had a reduced remodeling activity. The clinical report demonstrated the potential of the titanium mesh to achieve extensive alveolar ridge augmentation, whereas the augmented ridge may possess an inferior capability for bone remodeling.

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