The use of transpositioned flap (lipswitch) vestibuloplasty combined with implant surgery in patients with severely resorbed atrophic edentulous ridges is reviewed. The cases of 17 patients with severely resorbed atrophic edentulous ridges at the mandible undergoing implant rehabilitation were reviewed. Lipswitch vestibuloplasty was followed immediately by the implant surgery. Postoperative follow-up consisted of clinical and radiographic examinations. Seventeen patients with atrophic ridges (12 class II and 5 class III) each had 2 implant fixtures placed in the mandible as abutments for a clip and bar overdenture. The average time of follow-up was 6 years. Before surgery, all patients had severely atrophic ridges with a compromised shallow vestibule of varying degrees. Satisfactory results were observed in regard to the immediate and long-term morphology of the vestibule, the health of the peri-implant tissue, the stability of implant fixtures, and the functionality of the prostheses. The lipswitch vestibuloplasty offers a safe and convenient method of surgical access for implant fixture installation, with the advantage of rebuilding the vestibule of a compromised atrophic ridge in the anterior mandible.

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