The staff of Journal of Oral Implantology is hopeful that 2009 finds each of you filled with success and happiness. The JOI enters a new era with the retirement of Editor-in-Chief, Dr A. Norman Crainin. I will serve as the Interim Editor until the Board of Trustees appoints a new Editor-in-Chief. I take on this responsibility with great respect for those editors who have gone this way before: Drs Robert Buhite, Arthur C. Jermyn, Paul J. Mentag, Eugene Wozmak, and most recently, A. Norman Cranin. The JOI is a treasure of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Since its inception in November 1954 as the Journal of Implant Dentistry, the first journal in the world devoted exclusively to implant dentistry, the JOI has distinguished itself as the official publication of The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and The American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics (AAIP). The JOI is well respected for its peer-reviewed scientific articles, original research, clinical reports, comprehensive reviews, editorials, and letters, all of which have contributed to the implant dentistry literature that facilitates clinicians in discerning what benefits our patients.

The JOI's rich heritage is due, in large part, to the leadership of A. Norman Cranin, DDS, DEng. Since his appointment as editor in 1964, Dr Cranin has continually addressed the clinical science of our profession and transformed the JOI from a quarterly publication to one that is published bimonthly. When Norman began, implant dentistry was on the periphery of the dental profession and performing implant procedures was regarded as unprofessional conduct for any dentist, whether a generalist or specialist. Thanks to the courage of many clinicians who have gone before us, implant dentistry is now regarded as “state of the art.” Dr Cranin's dedication to finding and publishing the “truth” regarding the art and science of our profession has been instrumental in this ascension. The expression that “it takes a community to get things accomplished” is true of implant dentistry's growth. Dr Cranin will always be regarded as a key member of the implant community and for this I will always hold him in high esteem and welcome him as our newest Editor Emeritus.

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Norman and Marilyn, his wife, both of whom are delightful and share their knowledge and history of the JOI in a most gracious manner. Another person instrumental in JOI's success was Dr Cranin's dedicated assistant Ms Ethel Bruck. As an author who had the privilege of working with Ethel, I was impressed with her mastery of the complexities of getting a manuscript ready for publication.

The AAID and AAIP have a special treasure in the JOI, thanks to the efforts of Dr Cranin and Ms Bruck. We salute both of them and wish them many happy days as they begin new chapters in their lives.

As for the future of the JOI, we will build on its great heritage while we incorporate advances in the publication process into our methodology, including a new online manuscript submission and peer review process. I look forward to JOI becoming a must read for all implant dentists and encourage those involved in the science and practice of this aspect of the dental profession to submit their manuscripts to this rich and proud journal.

With warmest regards,

James L. Rutkowski, DMD, PhD

James L. Rutkowski