Welcome to the Journal of Oral Implantology issue 35(5). You will find this issue educational and of value to your daily practice of Implant Dentistry. A special thank you is in order for all of the authors, reviewers, Associate Editors, and the Managing Editor. Each task is an important role in getting JOI ready for publication. It is truly a team effort, with many of the team members volunteering their time and talents.

One individual who has provided unending voluntary service to JOI for 10 years is John Ley, DDS, Editor in charge of Literature Reviews. John did an outstanding job of providing literature reviews of articles published in other dental journals that related to Implant Dentistry and were of interest to our readers. As Editor-in-Chief, along with our readership, I want to express gratitude to John for the great mental and time-intensive effort this required for each issue. John felt, with the retirement of Dr. A. Norman Cranin as Editor-in-Chief, it was time for him to pass the responsibility of performing Literature Reviews on to the next generation. It is with regret and understanding that his resignation was accepted. With any successful endeavor, there is a multitude of people working behind the scenes that contribute unselfishly. Dr. Ley has been one of these individuals for JOI.

The tradition of providing literature reviews for our readers must be continued and therefore, I am asking six individuals to replace John. This is a call for dedicated individuals to expand the state-of-the-art knowledge base of Implant Dentistry. The positions would be that of Associate Editor (AE) for JOI and we will call upon micro-virtual, voluntary commitments to provide short reviews of timely and relevant articles published by other dental, medical, or scientific journals or textbooks. Each review would be 150 to 300 words in length with approximately 6 to 8 reviews per issue. Individuals selected as a Literature Review AE, will be responsible for completing the necessary reviews for one issue of JOI per year. We, at JOI, are referring to these voluntary commitments as micro because the entire task will be shared among six individuals and virtual because it is something you can do from your home, via the computer. JOI will provide each Literature Reviewer AE with suggested, full text articles for review.

If one of these Associate Editor positions appeals to your altruistic nature, and if you desire to promote and improve the quality of JOI, I encourage you to submit your curriculum vitae, along with a letter expressing your intent to [email protected].

This is an opportunity for six individuals to provide an excellent service to JOI, AAID, and AAIP. I look forward to receiving CVs from many of you.

Warm Regards,