The American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics (AAIP) has partnered with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) in the production of Journal of Oral Implantology (JOI) since the beginning of the century. The original cooperative agreement between the two implant organizations was signed in June of 2000 and initiated with that year's third issue.

During the past 14 years, all active AAIP members in the USA received JOI and many contributed articles to the periodical. The record for the number of manuscripts submitted and accepted during the past 14 years by an author is 32 and the second highest is 19, both by AAIP members. The AAIP was also responsible, both financially and for the contents, of a JOI special issue in 2004 (Volume 30, Number 3).

While the AAIP has a large number of component and affiliate organizations throughout the world, the increase in JOI circulation from these societies has been minimal, due to financial and language problems. The AAIP Board of Directors has recently voted to require members of all new component and affiliated societies to subscribe to JOI.

The AAIP would like to welcome its two latest affiliates, Affordable Care, Inc, and NuovoGISI of Italy. Members of these organizations began receiving JOI with Volume 40, Number 4. The readership of JOI is projected to increase in excess of 25% by the end of 2015 as a result of the new AAIP affiliates.

Affordable Care is a dental service organization that was founded in 1975 by Dr George L. Edwards, Jr, a World War II B-24 pilot, and Dr Donald L. Henson. Affordable Care supports over 200 affiliated dental practice owners in 40 states and owns a dental laboratory company that employs over 700 dental technicians. The laboratories are located on site at every affiliated dental office and the dentist(s) is the only client.

Affordable Care dentists are expected to complete a live patient implant training program approved by the AAIP. Sixty Affordable Care dentists and 50 laboratory managers received their AAIP Fellowships in 2014.

It is the objective of Affordable Care to have all of its affiliated dentists receive an AAIP Fellowship if they so desire. Affordable Care will continue to support its dentists to improve their competence, knowledge, and confidence in oral implantology.

NuovoGISI (New Italian Implant Study Group) is an educational organization founded to maintain the principles of Dr Giorgano Muratori. Dr Muratori, of Bologna, developed many endosseous screw type and blade implants. He authored several books and contributed many manuscripts on oral implantology to dental journals. He founded the GISI, which lasted for 25 years until his death.

NuovoGISI held its 5th annual 3-day international seminar in Mantova, Italy, in September of 2014. The society also organizes webinars and conducts short CE courses. The goal of NuovoGISI is the expansion of the concept of multi-modal implant dentistry and related practices, without the involvement of commercial interests.