The goal of this special issue is to build a context-specific foundation of knowledge which accurately represents the Latin American experiences and perspectives of socio-emotional development. Ultimately, we hope that the research contained in this issue will inform discussions of issues relating to socio-emotional development among children and adolescents, including awareness-raising and policy-building efforts, as well as to stimulate further research among Latin American populations. To this end, this final special issue aims to explore research on socio-emotional development in relation to family and peer relations from underrepresented contexts. In doing so, we have invited articles examining a range of topics from the lives of children of incarcerated women in Brazil, to the development of adolescents of migrant parents in rural Mexico, and the study of peer rejection among Colombian children. The papers included in this special issue explore the role of family and peer relations from various parts of Latin America, insight into which is not widely disseminated to academic audiences in the United States and elsewhere.

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