Travancore Tortoises (Indotestudo travancorica) are endemic to the Western Ghats, south India. Landscape level surveys showed no clear habitat selection by the species. Therefore, we used radiotelemetry to study home-range size and fine-scale spatial movement habitat use of four tortoises from 2008–10. Minimum convex polygon home-range sizes of four tortoises varied between 5.2 and 34 ha. Tortoises spent a majority of their time in evergreen forest edge that had bamboo–lantana–grass. Eighty-two percent of the locations in the evergreen forest, and 95% of the locations in the bamboo–lantana–grass habitat, were at the edge of these habitats. Therefore at a fine scale, tortoises used the forest edge, possibly because it provided opportunities for foraging and thermoregulation.

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