We describe a new species of smooth-scaled anguid from arid northern foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental in Nuevo León, México. This new species is similar to the other smooth-scaled gerrhonotines: Gerrhonotus lugoi McCoy, 1970, from the Cuatrociénegas Basin of Coahuila; G. parvus Knight and Scudday, 1985, from the Sierra Madre Oriental in Nuevo León; and G. farri Bryson and Graham, 2010, from the Sierra Madre Oriental in Tamaulipas. It differs from these species in several important morphological characters, including number of postrostral scales, postoculars, postmentals, sublabials, and dorsal and ventral scale rows. It also is the only known anguid to possess three postmentals and a novel azygous scale between the postmentals and the gular shields.

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