We describe a new species of plethodontid salamander of the genus Pseudoeurycea from the mountains of central Veracruz, Mexico. This species can be distinguished from its congeners by color pattern and morphological characters. The molecular phylogenetic analysis indicates that Pseudoeurycea granitum sp. nov. is part of the Pseudoeurycea leprosa subclade and is closely related to Pseudoeurycea nigromaculata, Pseudoeurycea firscheini, and Pseudoeurycea lynchi. Known localities for P. granitum sp. nov. are mostly located in cloud forest fragments, with one from a shaded coffee plantation and one from an ecotone between cloud forest and pine–oak forest, all immersed in highly modified landscapes. This suggests the need to implement a conservation strategy in order to preserve the limited remaining habitat for this species.

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