Bokermannohyla treefrogs produce a rich array of acoustic signals in their vocal repertoires. Here we report and describe for the first time the vocalizations of B. caramaschii, a species lacking vocal slits. We also extend the known vocal repertoire of B. gouveai by describing a previously unreported note type and revisiting intraspecific variation based on an increased sample of recorded males. The advertisement call of both species is composed of two types of multipulsed notes with emphasized sound energy at low frequencies (<1 kHz). We discuss the possible implications of lack of vocal slits for production of vocal sounds by B. caramaschii. Furthermore, we address inconsistencies in the previous call description of B. gouveai and reassess the species' acoustic variation based on an increased sample size of topotypes. Lastly, we provide the first overview of the advertisement call diversity within Bokermannohyla, recognizing major temporal patterns of their calls.

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