Dr. George Luttermoser was born in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from the College of the City of Detroit (later Wayne State University) in 1933, majoring in Zoology. He spent the summers of 1931–1933 as a summer scholar and teaching assistant at the University of Michigan Biological Station. He studied under Dr. William Cort at The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene, earning his Ph.D. with research in helminthology. After receiving his Ph.D., he started working on animal parasites at the USDA Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland.

In 1940, George “got the wanderlust” and received a Fulbright Fellowship to do field research on the control of the human schistosomiasis snail vector in Caracus, Venezuela. This research continued under the Venezuelan Ministry of Health.

Dr. Luttermoser returned to the United States in 1946 and took a parasitology teaching position at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1947,...

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