Macuahuitloides inexpectans n. gen., n. sp. (Molineidae: Anoplostrongylinae) is herein described. The description is based on specimens removed from the small intestine of ghost-faced bats, Mormoops megalophylla, from central Mexico. The monotypic genus is unique in featuring sexual dimorphism on the cuticular ornamentation, which consists of the presence of spines on the anterior quarter of females, and of the presence of rugosities on the surface of the cephalic vesicle of males. The cuticular spines are arranged in spiral rings on the anterior quarter of the body, and there is no trace of said structures on the cuticle of males. The synlophe of the males possess 12 ridges, whereas there is no synlophe in females. Finally, females show a prominent caudal terminus (spine) and 3 subterminal tubercles, whereas males show bursal rays in a 3–2 arrangement, with a relatively prominent dorsal ray.

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