Acanthocentis cheni

 population genetic structure 193

Alloglossidium floridense n. sp.

 from Speckled Madtoms 121

Andocadoncum n. gen

 of diphyllidean cestode from Yellowspotted skate 323

Andocadoncum meganae n. gen., n. sp.

 of diphyllidean cestode from Yellowspotted skate 323

Anisakis berlandi n sp.

 genetic and morphological approaches to distinguish sibling species 199

Auriculostoma totonacapanensis n. sp. in tetras 331

Babesia spp.

 inhibition of propagation by current drugs 522


 human zoonotic case in Tennessee 106

Blaericola rhyparobiae n. comb.

 in the Madiera Cockroach 93

Blood parasite infection in farmland birds 260

Book Review

 Coccidia (Apicomplexa) of rabbits of the world 127

Borrelia burgdorferi

 minimal transmission in fence lizards 578


 avoidance behavior in Goitered Gazelles 66

Brachylaima spp.

 dissemination through land snails 674

Calyptra thalictri

 distribution and phylogeny of a fruit and blood feeding moth 583

Caryophyllaeus laticeps

 immunochemistry of nervous systems 411

Caryospora natchitochensis n. sp.

 from green anoles 480...

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