Two new species of Parapharyngodon Chatterji, 1933, parasitizing 3 species of hylid frogs (Diaglena spatulata, Triprion petasatus, and Trachycephalus typhonius) from Mexico are described. The 2 new species share the presence of a gubernaculum with Parapharyngodon lamothei and belong to the group of those species with short spicule; both differ from the remaining species of the genus in the papillar pattern on ventrolateral and dorsal lips and in the thickness of cuticular annulations and cuticular ornamentation in the female specimens. These are the third and fourth reports of Parapharyngodon spp. parasitizing hylid frogs. In addition to the egg characteristics, we propose that length of the lateral alae is also a taxonomically relevant feature to differentiate species of the genus. A bibliographic review of all species historically assigned to Parapharyngodon is given, including those that have been declared species inquirenda, or transferred to other genera and those that are considered valid.

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