Accacladocoelium macrocotyle

 from sunfish 231

Accacladocoelium nigroflavum

 from sunfish 231

 Acanthocephalan species from Australian flatfish 429

Allodero hylae

 oligochaete of tree frogs 275

Angiostrongylus cantonensis

 infecting introduced snails 156

Anguillicola crassus

 paratenic hosts in North America 529

Anisakid larvae

 molecular and morphological characterization from Sand  perches in Brazil 492

Anthelmintic drug discovery 125

Aphanomyces invadans

 infection in Mayan cichlid 485

Ascaris suum

 transhydrogenation in adult worms 358

Avian schistosomes from South America 565

Babesia bovis

 molecular characterization of leucine aminopeptidase 536

Babesia gibsoni

 in Japanese hunting dogs 160

Bass parasites of Oneida Lake 505

Baylisascaris potosis

 infections in gerbils 114

Baylisascaris procyonis

 microgeographic population structure 671

Blabericola cubensis

 in blaberid cockroaches 651

Blabericola migrator

 in blaberid cockroaches 651

Book Review

 Human Diseases from Wildlife 608

Chaetogaster limnaei species complex

 ecology and evolution 320

Chewing lice in Azorean Blackcaps

 Parasite Island Syndrome 252


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