Acathocheilonema spirocauda

 absence of endosymbiont Wolbachia sp. 312

Adeleid Hemogregarines

 critical comment on systematic revision 549

Amblyomma maculatum

 questing and dispersal behavior of nymphs 481

Anaplasma spp.

 in Tennessee cattle 54

Austrobdella cairae n. sp.

 marine leech from Banded Guitarfish 179

Austrodiplostomum ostrowskiae

 life cycle in catfish 260

Babesia vogeli detection

 in the brain of dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum 275

Baracktrema obamai n. gen. n. sp.

 blood fluke in geoemydid turtles 451

Baylisascaris procyonis

 demography and egg production 622

 egg viability in soil 608

 infection dynamics in four Peromyscus species 538

Baylisascaris sp.

 in captive kinkajous 293

Benthic microhabitat affects parasitism in snail host 306

Blabericola cubensis

 environmental persistence of oocysts 169

Blabericola migrator

 environmental persistence of oocysts 169

Blood flukes from catfishes in the Amazon 357

Brachylaima sp.

 effects of praziquantel on metacercariae 520

Chigger mites

 geographical distribution and seasonality in Korea 193

Cleopsylla barquezi n....

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