A molecular surveillance of haemosporidian parasites from 19,521 Culex pipiens (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) from Kuwait detected 2 pools with a unique Haemoproteus (Haemoproteus) sp. (Haemospororida: Haemoproteidae) most likely parasitizing columbiform birds and probably representing contaminated blood meals or aborted infections in mosquitoes. Haemoproteus spp. have been previously reported in Kuwait based on microscopic examination of avian blood smears. This paper reports on molecular detection and subgenus-level identification of a novel Haemoproteus (Haemoproteus) sp. Mosquitoes are not known as vectors of Haemoproteus (Haemoproteus) spp., and this agent is most likely transmitted by ornithophilic Hippoboscidae, such as Pseudolynchia canariensis Bequaert. No other haemosporidian parasites were detected.

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