Laelapinae mites are common ectoparasites of small mammals, mainly sigmodontine rodents, but males are not frequent in natural populations. In this study, the morphology of the unknown males of Androlaelaps misionalis Lareschi, 2010 and Androlaelaps ulysespardinasi Lareschi, 2011 are described. The males of these species differ from the male of Androlaelaps rotundus (da Fonseca, 1936), a close species, because of the size and shape of their dorsal shield and the length of paranal and sternal st1 and st2 setae. The males of A. misionalis and A. ulysespardinasi differ in their size, in the distance of j6 setae in the dorsal shield, length of hypostomal seta hyp3, number of accessory setae in holoventral shield, length of postanal and sternal st3 setae, number of opisthogastric setae in unarmed integument lateral to level of coxae IV, and shape of tip of movable digit in the chelicera.

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