Litomosoides spp. (Nematoda: Filarioidea: Onchocercidae) are of great interest for understanding dynamics of zoonoses because of their similarity to human-infecting filariae (e.g., Onchocerca volvulus). We encountered Litomosoides microfilaria in blood samples from 7 Panamanian bat species. Species were identified through morphological analysis. We assessed individual traits and immune response of the host individuals as well as host species ecology. We found 8 host-specific species/morphotypes of Litomosoides microfilariae in 5 bat species, with 5 individuals showing multiple infections. Our study includes the first records of Litomosoides brasiliensis in Artibeus jamaicensis and of Litomosoides-like and Litomosa-like microfilaria in Lophostoma silvicolum. Multiple binary regression analysis showed that the presence of specific Litomosoides species was influenced by host species, sex, and reproductive status.

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