Dichelyne (Cucullanellus) dichelyneformis (Szidat, 1950) Petter, 1974, was collected in the intestine of the rock cod, Eleginops maclovinus, in the Bay of Corral, Chile, and redescribed based on light and scanning electron microscopy. The correct arrangement of caudal papillae and post deirids, the shape of gubernaculum, and the morphology and number of denticles surrounding the oral opening are described for the first time. These characteristics along with the excretory pore position, size of spicules, and presence of a nodular thickening near the distal end of the spicules differentiate D. (C.) dichelyneformis from the other congeners reported in South America and in the Antarctic. The new congeneric species found in E. maclovinus differs from D. (C.) dichelyneformis based on the larger males, larger and more numerous denticles with a smooth surface, weakly developed sclerotized plates in esophastome, excretory pore and deirids posterior to nerve ring, shorter gubernaculum and spicules with no thickening on their distal region, lower spicules/body length ratio (10.4–15.1%), and a papilla-like phasmids closer to pairs 8 and 10.

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