A new species of nematode, Ascarophis morronei n. sp. (Cystidicolidae), is described from the stomach wall of the woolly sculpin Clinocottus analis (Cottidae) collected in the rocky intertidal from northwestern Baja California, Mexico. Collected nematodes were studied using both light and scanning electron microscopy. Sequence fragments for 18S rDNA molecular markers were obtained from the new nematode species, in order to test its position within the family Cystidicolidae under a phylogenetic context. Main characters distinguishing this new species include the reduced labia and the morphology of the eggs, distances of nerve ring and excretory pore from the anterior end, and left spicule of males. The new species described here is the second for the genus Ascarophis reported as adult in the Southern California Bight, and the first one recorded for the fish genus Clinocottus.

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