Five new species of GuimaraesiellaEichler, 1949 are described and illustrated from hosts in the Eurylaimidae and Calyptomenidae. They are Guimaraesiella corydoni n. sp. from Corydon sumatranus laoensisMeyer de Schauensee, 1929; Guimaraesiella latirostris n. sp. from Eurylaimus ochromalusRaffles, 1822; Guimaraesiella cyanophoba n. sp. from Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchus malaccensisSalvadori, 1874 and C. m. siamensisMeyer de Schauensee and Ripley, 1940; Guimaraesiella altunai n. sp. from Calyptomena viridis caudacutaSwainson, 1838; and Guimaraesiella forcipata n. sp. from Eurylaimus steerii steeriiSharpe, 1876. These represent the first species of Guimaraesiella described from the Calyptomenidae and Eurylaimidae, as well as the first species of this genus described from the Old World suboscines.

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