Five new species of chewing lice in the genus BrueeliaKéler, 1936, are described from North American jays and allies. They are Brueelia mexicana n. sp. from Aphelocoma woodhouseii cyanotisRidgway, 1887; Brueelia bonnevillensis n. sp. from Aphelocoma woodhouseii nevadaePitelka, 1945; Brueelia diblasiae n. sp. from Cyanocitta stelleri frontalis (Ridgway, 1873); Brueelia tempestwilliamsae n. sp. from Gymnorhinus cyanocephalaWied-Neuwied, 1841; Brueelia mcnewae n. sp. from Nucifraga columbiana (Wilson, 1811). An identification key to the Brueelia on corvid hosts is provided.

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