From the small intestines of both Ctenomys boliviensis and Ctenomys steinbachi collected from August 1984 through June 1990 from the eastern lowlands of the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia a total of 36 specimens of Ancylostoma were recovered. Morphological investigation and comparisons with known species described and reported from mammals in the Neotropical Region show that this is an undescribed species, herein described as new. These nematans were collected from individuals of C. steinbachi collected from near a locality called Caranda (northwest of Santa Cruz de la Sierra) and from C. boliviensis from near Santa Rosa de la Roca (northeast of Santa Cruz de la Sierra) and from cajuchis collected from 3 km west of Estación El Pailón, 30 km east of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The new species of Ancylostoma differs from all other species of Ancylostoma known from the Neotropical Region in the presence of paired sub-terminal papillae on the dorsal ray of males.

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