I have known Professor Tim Yoshino for almost 50 yr and know that he richly deserves the 2019 Distinguished Service Award. He has been an active member in ASP since 1970 and has had an exemplary career in parasitology as a researcher, a teacher, a mentor and an administrator.

A brief summary of his accomplishments shows that he more than exceeds all the criteria required for this award.

Tim has a long history of leadership in parasitology. He has served in 20 positions of leadership in ASP, including a term as President in 2006. He has also been very active in his regional societies, such as the Annual Midwest Conference of Parasitologists, and served as Vice President (1985) and President (1986) of the Southwestern Association of Parasitologists. He has shown his commitment to parasitology by serving on 7 different Editorial Boards, including the...

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