A new species of the nematode TriumphalisnemaKloss, 1962 (Oxyuridomorpha), is described from the wood beetle Proculejus hirtus Truqui from the mountain mesophilic forest in Hidalgo State, Mexico. Triumphalisnema zuuei n. sp. is distinguished from the other 4 congeners species by the presence of an expanded cervical ring, well-developed lateral alae, an obtuse cauda with a short and bifurcated caudal appendage, series of cuticular folds at ventral and dorsal body surface from excretory pore level to anal region, and ellipsoidal eggs ornamented with numerous small mushroom-like structures over the surface. The phylogenetic position of the new species is inferred based on a Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inference analysis of partial sequences of 18S SSU rRNA. The phylogenetic analysis showed that Triumphalisnema zuuei n. sp., the only representative of the Traklosiidae in our study, is closely related to Coynema poeyi and species of Longior, Hystrignathus, and Lepidonema, all of them members of Hystrignathidae. These relationships are supported by high support values. The present study increases to 5 the number of species assigned to Triumphalisnema, all of them parasites of Passalidae. Additionally, a taxonomic key to the species of the genus is provided.

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