A new species of monogenean, Dactylogyrus pisolabrae n. sp., was found parasitizing the gills of the Pealip Redhorse, Moxostoma pisolabrum, from Oklahoma. Dactylogyrus pisolabrae is morphologically similar to Dactylogyrus apos, Dactylogyrus atripinnei, Dactylogyrus duquesnei, and Dactylogyrus niger, all parasitizing other species of suckers, by possessing a robust, sickle-shaped male copulatory organ, but differs from these and all other species of North American Dactylogyrus by possessing 2 unique wing-like projections opposite each other on the proximal portion of the accessory piece. Dactylogyrus pisolabrae represents the first monogenean reported from the Pealip Redhorse.

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