Of the 46 known species of Rhadinorhynchus Lühe, 1911, only 6 species, including Rhadinorhynchus dorsoventrospinosus Amin, Heckmann, and Ha, 2011, have dorsal and ventral, as well as lateral, trunk spines in the posterior field of trunk spines. The other 5 species are Rhadinorhynchus erumei Gupta and Fatima, 1981, Rhadinorhynchus adenati (Golvan and Houin, 1964) Golvan, 1969, Rhadinorhynchus lintoni Cable and Linderoth, 1963, Rhadinorhynchus pacificus Amin, Rubtsova, and Ha, 2019, and Rhadinorhynchus multispinosus Amin, Rubtsova, and Ha, 2019. These 5 species are distinguished from R. dorsoventrospinosus by differences in proboscis hook armature, trunk spine organization, and egg size. The distinction of R. dorsoventrospinosus is further demonstrated by its molecular description. We amplified the 18S and ITS1+5.8S+ITS2 rDNA region and cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (COI) gene for this study. Unfortunately, no ITS1+5.8S+ITS2 gene sequences are available for comparison with other species of the genus Rhadinorhynchus. Therefore, phylogenetic trees generated from sequences of the 18S nuclear region and COI gene were analyzed for the phylogenetic position of isolates of R. dorsoventrospinosus. Rhadinorhynchus dorsoventrospinosus has been validated as a species based on comparisons of morphological (original description) and molecular features (this paper). The additional genetic data will be useful as more species are described and as more genetic material becomes available to improve taxon sampling in the genetic analysis.

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