Oxyuricassis ekstromi n. sp. is the third species of the genus described from the intestine of Lasiancistrus saetiger Armbruster in Brazil. This species can be easily differentiated from its congeners by the presence of a tooth-like sclerotized piece that occupies half of the stoma and absence of spine projections on the tail of both males and females. Also, males of the new species lack caudal alae present in Oxyuricassis coronatus and Oxyuricassis hexaspinatus. Additionally, we observed a different number and pattern of the distribution of cloacal papilla; males of O. coronatus and O. hexaspinatus have 1 pair of pre-cloacal and 2 pairs of post-cloacal papillae; while the new species has 1 pre-cloacal and 3 post-cloacal pairs of papillae.

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