AllintoshiusChitwood, 1937 is the only genus of the family Ornithostrongylidae (Travassos, 1937) Durette-Desset and Chabaud, 1981 that parasitizes bats. Currently, there are 10 valid species in the genus, of which 3 were described from Brazil. This study describes a new species of Allintoshius and records the first occurrence of a nematode of this genus parasitizing Artibeus lituratus (Olfers). Allintoshius gomesae n. sp. is characterized by having anterior region coiled, cephalic vesicle with cuticular dilation striated transversely, and claviform esophagus. Synlophe in females consists of 16 cuticular ridges at the mid-body. Males have large caudal bursa, and conic and small spicules, and the gubernaculum is absent. Females have uterus didelphic, amphidelphic, tail tip tapered, and ovijector divided into 2 divergent branches, subequal in length. The new species differs from its congeners especially by the shape of the tail tip, vulvar opening, and size of spicules. Allintoshius gomesae is the fourth species of Allintoshius from Brazil and the first report in Ar. lituratus, increasing the number of species recognized of the genus.

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