Seven new species of chewing lice in the genus PriceiellaGustafsson and Bush, 2017, are described and illustrated based on specimens collected in south China. They are Priceiella (Camurnirmus) tanydrepanus n. sp. from Garrulax castanotis castanotis (Ogilvie-Grant, 1899); Priceiella (Camurnirmus) nanlingensis n. sp. from Garrulax maesi maesi (Oustalet, 1890); Priceiella (Thescelovora) brutifrons n. sp. from Turdinus brevicaudatus stevensi (Kinnear, 1925); Priceiella (Thescelovora) chuae n. sp. from Pellorneum albiventre cinnamomeus (Rippon, 1900); Priceiella (Thescelovora) catanachei n. sp. from Stachyris strialata swinhoei Rothschild, 1903; Priceiella (Thescelovora) dehongensis n. sp. from Stachyris nigriceps yunnanensis La Touche, 1921; and Priceiella (Thescelovora) rotundiceps n. sp. from Pomatorhinus ruficollis styani Seebohm, 1884. Several of these new species constitute the second species of Priceiella known from the host, suggesting that local endemism may be high in this louse genus. We also provide new host records for Priceiella (Thescelovora) coleyaeGustafsson et al., 2018, and Priceiella (Thescelovora) austiniGustafsson et al., 2018, and correct the type host subspecies for the latter. Finally, we amend the subgenus descriptions of CamurnirmusGustafsson and Bush, 2017, and ThescelovoraGustafsson and Bush, 2017. As a result of these changes, Priceiella najeriGustafsson et al., 2018, is moved to subgenus Thescelovora. An updated checklist of the genus Priceiella is provided.

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