The monotypic genus PneumoatractisBursey, Reavill, and Greiner, 2009 was erected to allocate nematodes collected from the lungs of the freshwater turtle Podocnemis unifilis Troschel. During a helminthological survey of parasites from freshwater turtles of Tocantins and Xingu rivers, Pará State, eastern Amazon, Brazil, we found nematodes parasitizing the stomach and large intestine of Po. unifilis and Podocnemis expansa Schweigger. We assigned them to a new species of Pneumoatractis, which is described herein. Pneumoatractis gibbonsae n. sp. resembles Pneumoatractis podocnemis by the morphology of the oral opening, the position of the excretory pore, and the lanceolate shape of the spicules, but differs from it in males by having 10 pairs of caudal papillae plus 1 unpaired anterior to cloacal lip, different length of the right spicule, and short gubernaculum; it differs in females by the distances of vulva and anus from the posterior end respectively. We found the new species in a different infection site from that of the type species. Thus, this is the second species of Pneumoatractis described in Po. unifilis and the first in Po. expansa.

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