We report the morphological characteristics of oocysts of Eimeria lancasterensisJoseph, 1969, collected from 6 of 6 (100%) eastern gray squirrels, Sciurus carolinensis, collected in Arkansas (n = 3) and Oklahoma (n = 3), and Eimeria ontarioensisLee and Dorney, 1971, recovered from an individual of S. carolinensis from Arkansas. Oocysts of E. lancasterensis were ovoidal to ellipsoidal, measuring (L × W) 24.0 × 14.6 (18–29 × 12–16) µm; shape index (L/W) was 1.6 (1.3–1.8). A micropyle and an oocyst residuum were absent, but up to 2 polar granules were present. Oocysts of E. ontarioensis were piriform and measured 40.6 × 26.0 (37–44 × 23–28); L/W was 1.6 (1.5–1.7). These oocysts possessed a distinct micropyle and rarely a polar granule but lacked an oocyst residuum. The DNA was isolated from both eimerians, and the 18S rDNA genetic markers were PCR-amplified, cloned, sequenced, and analyzed. To our knowledge, this study represents the first time 18S DNA sequence data have been generated from E. lancasterensis and E. ontarioensis found in North American sciurid hosts, as well as new geographic distribution records for these coccidians. In addition, we also include a tabular summary of these 2 species of Eimeria from Sciurus spp. worldwide, with information on their hosts, distribution, and taxonomically important morphological characteristics, including key measurements of oocysts and sporocysts.

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