A new seuratoid nematode of the family Quimperiidae, Paraquimperia africana n. sp., is described from the small intestine of the longfin eel, Anguilla mossambica Peters, from the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. The new species is characterized mainly by the presence of a ventral sucker in mature males, short spicules (147–171 μm), the number and arrangement of caudal papillae, the postesophageal position of the excretory pore, and by the slender female tail. In this new species, a variability in the number (3–5 pairs) of subventral preanal papillae was observed. Paraquimperia africana is the first representative of the genus in Africa. In view of recent reports, Paraquimperia aditum (Mueller, 1934) is considered a junior synonym of Paraquimperia tenerrima (Linstow, 1878). Paraquimperia xenentodonia Gupta and Bakshi, 1984 is considered a species inquirenda.

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