The longevity of 7 forms of actinosporean spores and the reaction of 6 forms of actinosporeans to fish mucus were investigated. The maximum longevity of actinosporean spores kept at ambient laboratory temperatures was 14 days. Spore longevity ranged from 11 to 14 days among actinosporeans. The reaction of spores to fish mucus varied among the actinosporeans. Triactinomyxon F of Xiao and Desser, 1998 reacted only to the mucus of the common shiner Luxilus cornutus, and golden shiner Notemigonus crysoleucas, whereas the aurantiactinomyxon form of Xiao and Desser, 1998, and raabeia B of Xiao and Desser, 1998 reacted readily to mucus of all fish species tested. The differences in reaction to fish mucus among actinosporeans may indicate their different host range. These results indicate that actinosporean spores are short-lived and that actinosporeans respond to their hosts by chemodetection.

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