Following the discovery of establishment of the African tortoise tick Amblyomma marmoreum in Florida, the present study was undertaken to determine the extent of introduction of exotic ticks into Florida on imported reptiles. Exotic ticks were identified on 29 (91%) of 32 reptile premises in 18 counties of Florida. The ticks, found on a variety of imported tortoises, snakes, and monitor lizards, belonged to 4 Amblyomma species (A. marmoreum, Amblyomma nuttalli, Amblyomma sabanerae, and Amblyomma sparsum) and 4 Aponomma species (Aponomma exornatum, Aponomma flavomaculatum, Aponomma latum, and Aponomma varanensis). The most commonly encountered ticks were A. latum and A. marmoreum. The identifications of A. marmoreum on 8 premises in 7 counties, and of A. sparsum on 1 premises, are of great concern because both species are vectors of heartwater, a lethal disease of cattle, sheep, goats, and deer.

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