Sixty-two brown anoles, Anolis sagrei, from Oahu, Hawaii were examined for helminths. Anolis sagrei was introduced to Hawaii, presumably from the Caribbean. Two species of trematodes, Mesocoelium monas and Platynosomum fastosum, 3 species of nematodes, Atractis scelopori, Physaloptera squamatae, and Physocephalus sp., 1 acanthocephalan, Acanthocephalus bufonis, and 1 pentastome, Raillietiella frenatus, were found. Atractis scelopori and P. squamatae, previously unknown in Hawaii, are widely distributed in the Caribbean and were most likely transported to Hawaii with the introduced anoles. Mesocoelium monas, P. fastosum, Physocephalus sp., A. bufonis, and R. frenatus have been previously reported from Hawaiian herptiles; A. sagrei most likely acquired infections of these parasites from Hawaiian populations. This study indicates that helminths can be transported with their introduced hosts and become established in the colonized areas and that introduced lizards may quickly acquire species of previously established helminthes.

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