A new species of Sprostoniella is described from the gills of Chaetodipterus zonatus in Chamela Bay, on the west coast of Mexico. The new species differs from the 2 previously described congeners by having smaller testes each of which is not nearly as long as the ovary. It further differs from the type species, Sprostoniella multitestis, by having a poorly developed pair of accessory sclerites and the cecal diverticula are not confluent posteriorly. The new species also differs from Sprostoniella micrancyra, the other species of the genus, by having a shorter peduncle, the glands of Goto are smaller than the testes and ovary, and by having a slightly different haptoral structure, with 1 pair of hamuli rather than 2 pairs, and 1 central haptoral loculus instead of 2 loculi.

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