Neopolystoma elizabethae n. sp. is described from the conjunctival sac of the western painted turtle Chrysemys picta belli (Gray), from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is the first species found in this location from chelonians in North America. The new species differs from all other species of Neopolystoma in possessing a circle of 8 genital spines that are recurved and possess a crescent-shaped base. Eight additional species of helminths were found in the 5 turtles examined in this study. All are common parasites of North American freshwater turtles. An additional species of Monogenea (Polystomoides pauli) was found in the oral cavity. Four species of Digenea (Eustomos chelydrae, Allassostomoides chelydrae, Spirorchis kirki, and Spirorchis parvus) and 3 species of Nematoda (Spiroxys contorta, Serpinema trispinosus, and Amphibiocapillaria serpentina) were also found. The following are reported from Michigan for the first time: P. pauli, S. kirki, and A. serpentina.

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