An analysis of antibody recognition of Trypanosoma cruzi exoantigens by immunoblotting revealed a unique banding pattern that seems to be characteristic of each strain or isolate. Trypomastigote excreted–secreted antigens (TESA) present in supernatants of LLC-MK2 cells infected with 5 strains and 10 isolates of T. cruzi produced 13 different immunoblotting patterns. The same bands were observed when probed with acute-phase Chagas' disease serum or with serum from a rabbit immunized with the repetitive domain of T. cruzi transialidase recombinant protein (anti-shed acute-phase antigens). Three similar patterns were observed with TESA from 3 human isolates that probably belong to the same T. cruzi strain. When clone CL Brener, clone CL-14, and CL parental strain were analyzed, the same bands were observed, although they presented different biological behavior. These results suggest that immunoblotting analysis of TESA may be a useful tool for characterization of T. cruzi strains and isolates.

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