Fellow members of the American Society of Parasitologists, I am pleased and honored to introduce to you this year's recipient of the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal, Dr. David S. Lindsay.

David graduated from Troy State University with a bachelors of science degree in 1978. He then spent 2 yr as a laboratory technician in the University of Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Tifton, Georgia. By the time David was accepted into the graduate program under Dr. William L. Current at Auburn University in 1980, he had acquired an unusually vast clinical knowledge of domestic and companion animal parasitology. During his years in graduate school, David was often consulted by both faculty and students alike concerning parasitological findings.

While in his Ph.D. program, David focused primarily on Isospora suis, an important coccidial pathogen causing diarrheal illness in neonatal piglets. David rapidly became the world's undisputed expert...

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