Clinical coccidiosis was diagnosed in wild-caught and captive raccoons. Eimeria procyonis-like oocysts were seen in 15 of 15 captive raccoons. In 6 of 6 juvenile wild-caught raccoons examined at necropsy, endogenous coccidian stages were seen in the small intestine. Two types of schizonts (large and small) were identified. Large schizonts were up to 110 µm long, contained 10-μm-long merozoites, and were in crypt glandular epithelial cells. Smaller schizonts were 10 µm long, contained 5-μm-long merozoites, and were at the tips of the villi. Only a few gamonts and no oocysts were seen in sections. These stages were thought to be of E. procyonis.

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