Five murine monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were developed against purified sporozoites of Hammondia hammondi. Despite a large antigenic similarity between the 2 closely related coccidia, H. hammondi and Toxoplasma gondii, these MAbs only reacted with H. hammondi. Three MAbs, 1D3, 3F2, and 4C9-7, recognized antigens of 38 kDa localized in rhoptries (1D3), in rhoptries and in oocyst and cyst walls (3F2), and in rhoptries and the apical region (4C9-7). Another MAb, 4C9-10, reacted with a 27-kDa antigen in dense granules of sporozoites and tachyzoites, and MAB 11B3 labeled an antigen of >94 kDa located in the pellicular membrane of the 3 stages of the parasite. These MAbs could be used for a rapid discrimination of the 2 coccidia in epidemiological studies or for diagnostic purposes in tissues.

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