Some reports have suggested that human neurocysticercosis (NCC) induces immunosuppression. To test this hypothesis, we performed a study on active cases of NCC who had not received cestocidal or immunosuppressive treatments. We examined blood counts and specific T cell markers (CD3, CD4, and CD8) by flow cytometry and found no differences between patients with NCC and healthy individuals. Both groups responded to concanavalin A (Con A), and patients with NCC responded more to a parasite crude antigen than uninfected individuals. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were examined for interleukin (IL)-2, interferon-γ, IL-10, and IL-4 mRNA. Regardless of infection status, more than 60% of individuals synthesized IL-2 mRNA and, less frequently, the other cytokines. These data suggest that immunosuppression does not occur in NCC patients.

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