Parasitology & Vector Biology, by William C. Marquardt, Richard S. Demaree, and Robert B. Grieve. Harcourt/Academic Press, San Diego, California. 2000. ISBN 0-12-473275-5.

This is a second edition textbook that runs 702 pages. Following the Preface are 51 chapters dealing with all aspects of things parasitological, at least from a eukaryotic perspective. And, as the title implies, there is full coverage of the major arthropod groups that serve as vectors for some of the major scourges of humankind. The coverage, however, does not include information regarding parasitism in some of the lesser known phyla.

The book is very well written, which is sometimes difficult to say about multiauthor tomes. There is a complete glossary and the index is well done. The line drawings are excellent. I especially liked them because the authors did not attempt to reduce their sizes in order to save space. Most...

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